St. Mark Of Ephesus
St. Marks Welcomes You

Our mission has been in witness to Christ since 1983

Parish Priest: Father James Robinson

Church phone: (781) 585-8907
Father James:   (339) 204-3074  (

Liturgy:  Sunday mornings  10:00 am  (followed by coffee hour)

Vespers:   first Saturday of the month 6:00 PM



We will be holding a special all parish meeting on Sunday September 27th to review and approve the revised by-laws and discuss finances.

This is a very important meeting for our community - please atttend!


Annual Dues deadline is September 30th 
Family = $250   Individual = $125
please remit to Subdeacon Gregory as soon as possible


Many interesting Saints/Feasts listed below - check them out!!!

September 24th - St. Juvenal of Alaska and Peter the Aleut - very interesting and close to home!








Children in Church

Children in Church

Christ said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).

It is possible for young children to remain in church throughout a service if they are taught to be quiet and respectful. Many parishes have cry rooms or nurseries for those who are too small to be quiet throughout the whole Liturgy. Please be respectful to those around you if your child becomes fussy or out of control, and remove him from the nave of the church quickly. If a very young child needs a snack, please clear away any leftover pieces. However, the child should not have anything in his mouth when he comes to Holy Communion. It is not acceptable at any time to chew gum in church.

It is never appropriate to allow a child to run down the aisles, play loudly, or carry toys that make noise. Eventually, children will be able to spend longer times in the Liturgy. That is where they should be, but remember the reason for coming to church is to pray and worship. Plan to have your children use the restroom and get a drink before church begins, and don’t allow them to come and go continually. Consider bringing your children into the church at a time when the Liturgy is finished to “practice” church behavior. Teach them that they are visiting God’s very special house, and they will need to have very special manners there.


- please do not offer food to any of the children as they may have allergies or are refraining form snacks etc.

- teens and older children should not be in the children's room during liturgy

Thank you!


Offering envelopes

Offering envelopes are available now for your use.  The boxes contain envelopes for both 2015 and 2016.  They are used to keep a record of all donations  to our parish community, and can be helpful for those who itemize on their annual income tax return.  Also, they help keep your offerings confidential.  If you would like offering envelopes so that you be an officially supporting member of our parish, simply leave your name/adress in the candle offerring box or speak to our treasuerer , Subdeacon Gregory.  

Thank you for your continued, faithful support! 



New England Diocese online magazine

The current issue of the O.N.E. magazine can be found here:


It features some great photos of our parish!




Saints and Feasts for the Month

click on the words to the right of the Saint or Feast to learn more - now this opens a new windowso you don't have to hit "Back"

August 31   The Placing of the Cincture (Sash) of the Most Holy Mother of God     info here
Sept 1         Church New Year     info here
Sept 8         The Nativity of our Most Holy Lady the Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary     info here
Sept 9         Holy, Righteous Ancestor of God, Joachim     info here
                   Holy, Righteous Ancestor of God, Anna     info here
Sept 14       The Universal Exaltation of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross     info here
Sept 22       Prophet Jonah     info here
Sept 24       Martyr Peter the Aleut     info here
                  Martyr Juvenal of Alaska     info here

Sept 25       Repose of the Venerable Sergius, Abbot and Wonderworker of Radonezh     info here
Sept 26       Repose of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian     info here
Oct 1          The Protection of our Most Holy Lady the Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary     info here
Peace Garden

Please come and enjoy our Peace Garden behind the church - stop by and relax and pray









Diocesan Newsletter

If you would like to receive an electronic copy of the Diocese newsletter, email Father Joshua Mosher, editor at
 Current copy can be found here:



Our elected Council is as follows for 2015:

President:   Laura Geigle

Treasurer:   Subdn. Gregory Arnold

Reporting Secretary:   Jen Paulin

At-Large:    George Haddad

At-Large:    Subdn. Peter Condrick

At-Large:    Maria Mojica

At-Large:    Ramon Mojica

Also elected at the annual meeting were co-presidents of the Women's Group:  Nancy Haddad & Cookie Bakas

John Wozniak & John Rusinak will continue on the Finance Committee

as well as Anna Wozniak as our auditor

Lisa Shortes has agreed to start up a Teen/Young Adult group

Catherine Condrick will take over the bookstore managing.  She has rearranged the kiosk area already and will be using the bottom half of the bookshelf in that area as a lending library.


Saint Mark of Ephesus parish cookbook available!

St. Mark's Cookbook is on sale!  Over 200 of our favorite recipes in an easy-to-read format!
Contact Women's Group Co-Presidents Cookie Bakas or Nancy Haddad
$15 cash or check made payable to: "St. Mark's Women's Group"


St. Mark’s Ministries  2015

If you are interested in serving the church, please contact the names listed below:

Clergy: Major Orders:

Pastor: Fr. James Ransford Robinson

Fr. John T. Bacon, retired Archpriest, attached to St. Marks

Fr. R. Antony Gori, retired, attached to Chelsea church

Fr. Vasily Gilbert, attached to Holy Annunciation, Maynard

Fr. John Bernardi, attached to St. Marks, resides in Arizona

Protodeacon Nicholas Drobot, attached to Norwich, CT, ROCOR


Minor Orders:

Subdeacon Gregory (Douglas) Arnold

Subdeacon Shell Shortes

Subdeacon Peter Condrick

Subdn. Nicholas Vantangoli

Reader Daniel Bacon (Diocesan Council Member)



Lawrence Reardon, Evan Shortes, Nicholas Haddad, Simon Margitich, Peter Rusniak, Nicholas Williams, George Williams


Parish Council:

President: Laura Geigle

Treasurer: Subdn. Gregory Arnold

Secretary: Jen Paulin

At Large: George Haddad

At Large: Subdn. Peter Condrick

At Large: Maria Mojica

At Large: Ramon Mojica


Finance Committee:     John Wozniak        John Rusinak

Auditor:     Anna Wozniak

Choir Director: Gina Margitich (please speak to Gina about joining the choir)

Substitute Directors: Lisa Shortes, Laura Geigle, Susan Homyk (summers)

Church School Director: Jen Paulin       Assistant: Julie Sutton

Teen Group Committee Chair: Lisa Shortes

Women’s Group Co- Presidents: Cookie Bakas & Nancy Haddad       Secretary: Nancy Haddad          Treasurer: Diana Masood

Webmaster: George Sowpel

Bookstore Manager & Lending Library: Catherine Condrick

Sacristan/Mower: Mark Margitich & Simon Margitich

Vestment Care: Maria Mojica

Food Pantry Box- Subdn. Gregory & Elaine Arnold

Church Cleaners

January - Margitich
February - OPEN!
March - Haddad
April - ALL (Pascha month!)
May - Laferte
June - Arnold
July - Corey K.
August - Geigle
September - Condrick
October - Shortes
November - Zotos
December - Vantangoli

Coffee Hour Hosts - Rusinak   Geigle   Vantangoli   Mojica   Robinson   Haddad   Arnold   Shortes   Kwong   Masood


Please send any comments or suggestions for the website to George Sowpel at

Resources to check out...

excellent short film on prayer - be sure to watch part two...

view a wonderful video featuring our Church click here

An interesting and informative article on church eitiquette can be found here:

Interesting video from Serbia - Christos Voskrese song     click here

Please look at the MINISTRIES tab on the right for ways to get involved!

A wonderful link to a good basic primer/dictionary on Orthodoxy is:

A good online Bible with commentary approved by the Orthodox Church is at

Church Cleaning List

- Margitich                   
February -               March - Haddads
April - ALL (Pacha month!)       May - Laferte           June - Subdeacon Gregory and Elaine

July - Corey K.                          August - Laura        September - Subdeacon Peter and Catherine     

October -  Lisa Shortes            November - Nancy Zotos         December - Vantangolis 




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